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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Best sport shoes for men under 2000 in 2019

You want to buy Best looking sport shoes but don't want to shed more than 2,000 Rupees for it? No problem, here we present best sport shoes for men under 2000 rupees.

1. Puma Black-Red men's running shoes

Puma Black-Red sports shoes

Color: Black red
Price: From 1800
Material: Mesh
Average customer reviews: 4.4
Best sellers ranking: 969

Amazon link: Puma Black-Red men's running shoes

2. Puma Men's Agility IDP running shoes

Color: Black and blue, Black and red, Black and orange
Price: From 1600
Material: Synthetic
Average customer reviews: 4.1
Best sellers rating : 817

Amazon link: Puma men's agility running shoes

3. Adidas M Adiray Running shoes

Adidas Adiray Running shoes

Color: Black and green, Black and orange
Price: From 2000
Material: synthetic
Average customer review: 4.1
Best sellers rating: 9151

Amazon Link: Adidas Adiray Running shoes

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